Zombie Werewolves Attack!

Zombie Werewolves Attack!

Zombie Werewolves Attack! has been picked up by Troma Entertainment.Mini ZWA poster

Zombie Werewolves Attack! has been released Online!! Rent it here right now!

Download it or rent it, but definitely see it!

Theatrical Premiere at the Toronto Underground Cinema on August 30, 2010
And the Canadian Premiere @ Indie Can Film Festival Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, at Innis Town Hall Theatre.
They were both a big success! More pictures on our facebook page.

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“Chris is an extremely dedicated worker, and someone I can count on for terrific results. On one of our shoots, we were tremendously behind schedule. Chris was the Director of Photography for the production and he lit scenes quick, with good results and helped us get back on track. He took great direction and helped save the production from a disaster. I look forward to working with Chris throughout my career.” - May 30, 2010

Nic Izzi
Writer/Director, Reconstructed Media

Working with Chris as both a performer, and again as an artist can only be defined in two words: Consummate Professional. As a Film Director, Chris delivers on all levels, from managing full cast and crew, maintaining positivity and an infectious enthusiasm for his craft, overseeing all stages of production. He is clearly able to express his ideas to me as when he commissioned me to render the concept illustrations for his film, and again for the DVD art. I had the honour of performing for Chris in one of his films, and have brought him on board my own. It is my sincere hope that my working relationship with Chris Green will not come to an end.

Dany Gehchan
Actor, Illustrator, Designer, Film-Maker